Community Development Division

The Community Development Division (CMD) is responsible for the long term livability of the community within the Urban Growth Boundary and City Limits.  CMD staff implement the City’s Development Code, the statewide Building Safety Codes, and sections of the Springfield Municipal Code; develop and deliver engineering capital projects across the City’s infrastructure systems of streets, drainage, wastewater and buildings/facilities; complete long range land use and infrastructure plans required by state law and to support efficient and functional infrastructure systems; advance the City’s Housing Strategy and Community Development Block Grant and HOME investment partnership programs.  Our core functional areas are: Development Review, Land Development Engineering, Comprehensive Planning, Building Permits, Business Licenses, Capital Project Development and Delivery, and Survey. Division staff support the Planning Commission, Historic Commission, Community Development Advisory Committee, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Development & Public Works Resource Center

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Principal Services:

Building Inspection & Safety
Plan review and inspection services for home improvement and construction projects

Planning & Development Review
Learn about planning and development procedures in Springfield

Comprehensive Planning
Learn about the long range coordination of local planning and Oregon’s statewide planning framework

Transportation Engineering
Transportation information on permits, safety, bikes, and other related topics

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)
Learn about Springfield’s program to identify needed infrastructure improvements and funding sources

Public Improvement Projects (PIP)
Information on new public infrastructure projects in Springfield

Land Survey Information
Learn about the Survey section including basic land survey/property boundary assistance

Code Enforcement
Learn what codes are enforceable and how to file a complaint

Housing & CDBG
Information on Springfield’s Housing Strategy and Block Grant Programs

Business Licensing
Information on business licenses, fees, and process

Committees and Commissions:

Planning Commission
Historic Commission
Community Development Advisory Committee
Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Quick Links:

Staff Contact Information
Find relevant staff members for your questions

Lookup permit status and pay fees online

Engineering and Construction Resources
Manuals, Codes, and Public Improvement Project forms

Springfield Development Code
Search the code for development districts and standards

Springfield Municipal Code
Search Springfield’s guiding code document

Interactive local maps including zoning, infrastructure, natural features and more

Current Development Division

The Current Development Division actively works to increase Springfield’s housing, business and industry development opportunities and to improve the community’s health, safety, welfare and livability through the efficient implementation of the Division’s development assistance responsibilities, and the equitable enforcement of the City’s Development Code, Municipal Code and each of the Building Safety Codes.