Current Development Division – Staff Contacts


Current Development Division Manager
Sandy Belson, AIC 541-736-7135
Management Support Specialist (Administration, Building, Engineering and Planning)
Brenda Jones 541-726-3610


Building and Land Development Supervisor, Building Official
David Bowlsby  541-736-1029
Plans Examiner
Chris Carpenter 541-744-4153
Thayne Smith 541-726-3783
Building Inspectors
Electrical Inspector
Guy Dixon 541-726-3663
Plumbing Inspector
Steve Graham 541-726-3665
Structural Inspector
Robert Castile 541-726-3666

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officers
Open Position 541-726-3659
Charlie Kent 541-726-3680

Land Development Engineering

Land Development Supervisor
Kyle Greene  541-726-5750
Engineering Technician:
Steve Petersen 541-726-3664
Civil Engineers
Clayton McEachern 541-736-1036
Transportation Engineers
Michael Liebler 541-736-1034
LDAP (Land Drainage Alteration Permit) / Encroachment Permitting
Josh Richmond 541-736-1037
Todd SIngleton 541-726-5931


Planning Supervisor
Jim Donovan 541-726-3660
Management Support Specialist
Brenda Jones 541-726-3610
Shannon Morris  541-744-3387
Planners on Duty
Liz Miller   541-726-2301
Andrew Larson 541-736-1003
Andy Limbird  541-726-3784
Mark Rust  541-726-3654
Melissa Carino 541-744-4068