“Fish Friendly” Car Wash Kits

When holding car washes in parking lots or paved areas the soapy, grimy water goes down a storm drain, directly into our community’s rivers and streams without treatment. The soap, dirt, and oil that is in the water can be very harmful to fish and other aquatic life.

The cities of Springfield and Eugene have car wash kits available to non-profit groups, free of charge, that will keep the soapy water from your fundraiser out of our local waterways. There are multiple kits available and they are easy to use!

Download a printable flyer (Spanish language flyer) or watch this video.

Need Instructions? These instructional videos make protecting water easy:
Full Version
Short Version

You can also download Fish Friendly Car Wash Kit Instructions or give our PSA a listen to learn more!

For more information about the “Fish Friendly” car wash kits, call us at 541.726.3694.