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The information contained on this page will help the citizens of Springfield prepare themselves for an emergency.  If you are currently experiencing a personal emergency such as a fire, medical or law enforcement emergency, etc. - call 9-1-1.  If an emergency is happening in your area, tune to a local radio or television station to receive information.

Welcome to the City of Springfield’s Emergency Management Program page.  Here you will find links to lots of resources that will help you prepare yourself, family, home, and business for an emergency.

News and Public Notices

September is National Preparedness Month! This year’s theme is “Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare.” Each week also has a preparedness theme. Check them out.
Week 1 – How to… Reconnect with family after a disaster.
Week 2 – How to…Plan for specific needs before a disaster.
Week 3 – How to… Build an emergency kit.
Week 4 & 5 – How to… Practice for an emergency.
For more details about National Preparedness Month visit: www.ready.gov/

Additionally, the City of Springfield has its own preparedness themes each week that are relative to our local area. Check them out.
Week 1 – How to… Be aware and prepare for a wildfire.
Week 2 – How toPrepare for an earthquake.
Week 3 – How to… Be aware and prepare for flooding.
Week 4 & 5 – How to… Be aware and prepare for a winter storm.
For more information about Emergency Preparedness and Resources check out the resources available on this page.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently completed studies to update the Dam Failure Inundation Maps for their dams in Lane County. You can check out a video released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about the dam failure inundation maps for Lane County at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzXMcsxWkBs.


Make a Plan.  Make a Kit.  Be Informed.  Be Ready
You never know when an emergency may strike our area.  It is important that you are

prepared and know what to do to protect your family and your property. 

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I know what emergencies or disasters are most likely to occur in this area?
  • Do I have a family disaster plan in place and have we practiced it?
  • Do I know where I can go for help in the case of an emergency?
  • Do I have an emergency preparedness kit?
  • Has anyone in my household been trained in the proper actions to take in the

              event of an emergency?


If you answered "No" to any of these questions there are a number or resources available to help you prepare for any event. 

Video:  Preparing Makes Sense        Prepararse Tiene Sentido

View the City of Springfield Emergency Management Program


Emergency Preparedness Kit



Alert Me logo

Do you want to be alerted of emergencies by cell phone as they occur?  Register with CENS Alert Me and you will be notified of natural disasters, missing child alerts, emergency evacuation notices, hazardous materials alerts, tsunami warnings and neighborhood emergencies.
Develop A Family Disaster Plan
American Red Cross Resources

Prepare a Home and Family Plan

Don't forget to prepare and plan for your pets

Make a Kit


State of Oregon Resources

Oregon Office of Emergency Management Resources


Federal Emergency Management Agency

Are You Ready?

Estás Listo?


Prepare Your Business or Work Place Too!

American Red Cross - Ready Rating Program

FEMA Ready.gov for Businesses


Likely Area Emergencies
Severe Weather

National Weather Service

National Weather Service - Portland

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards

NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory

Severe Weather Awareness



American Red Cross - Floods

US Army Corps of Engineers

Living With Dams: Know your Risks

National Flood Insurance Program



American Red Cross - Wildfire

U.S. Fire Administration


American Red Cross - Earthquakes

Living on Shaky Ground

Oregon Resilience Plan

Earthquake Hazards in the Pacific Northwest

National Earthquake Info Center

FEMA Earthquake School Hazard Hunt Game and Poster

FEMA Seven Design and Construction Features Important to Seismic Performance Video


Tsunami (When visiting the Coast)

American Red Cross - Tsunami

Oregon Tsunami Clearinghouse


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