What: Community members and the media are invited to attend the City of Springfield’s fourth annual UpStream Art event, where local artists will be painting storm drain murals. Five artists will be creating murals on the ground using specialized street paints. The City is presenting and sponsoring this year’s event, which is free and family friendly.

This year’s murals reflect the 2019 theme “It’s All Connected.” While in the past each artist has painted a mural on a different storm drain, for a second year murals will be part of a continuum of “flowing water” from a stormwater treatment area to the Mill Race. This year’s installation will complete the continuum of “flowing water.”

Who: Members of the media and the community are invited to attend; see attached poster. Artist(s) and City of Springfield staff will be available for interviews from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

When: The community is invited from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, August 24 

Where: Booth-Kelly trailhead of the Mill Race path, 307 South Fifth Street, Springfield


UpStream Art Background

The UpStream Art project over the past three years has resulted in 16 unique storm drain murals, which are still in place today and can be viewed around downtown Springfield. The UpStream Art project raises awareness about the importance of protecting our rivers, stream habitat, and aquatic wildlife. Many people do not realize that pet waste, auto fluids, debris, and other pollutants left on the ground can get washed into storm drains and then flow untreated to local waterways. A call for artist to submit a sample of their idea for a mural occurred this past spring. There were 21 submitals with five selected. Additional information about UpStream Art is available at www.springfieldstreams.org.