Incident:                   Unlawful Entry to Motor Vehicle (UEMV)                                          
Location:                    East Springfield
Arrested:                   Denys Gregory Quatier (37 YOA)    
Date/Time:                November 14th, 2019 @ 2300 hrs

On the night of November 14th, 2019, Springfield Police Officers responded to multiple calls regarding a suspect breaking into vehicles in the neighborhood south of the 5000 block of Main Street. One witness confronted the suspect as the suspect rifled through belongings in their vehicle. The suspect, later identified as Denys Gregory Quatier, fled on foot and then a bicycle. This prompted an extensive area search.

Officers discovered numerous vehicles in the surrounding area that had been unlawfully entered. Officers located bags of stolen property Quatier had stashed (or dropped) while fleeing the neighborhood. Springfield Police also received real-time updates about Quatier’s progress through the area as multiple residents saw him breaking into their vehicles and alerted police.

Quatier was taken into custody in the 4400 block of Booth-Kelly Road, just east of South 42nd Street. His backpack contained stolen property tying him to several of the reported break-ins. Other items, including one victim’s family heirloom Bible, were likely discarded in the area and have not yet been located. Quatier’s crime spree stretched from the 5100 block of Bluebelle Way to the 4800 block of Holly Street.

Springfield Police continued receiving reports of break-ins and thefts throughout November 15th, 2019, and property in Quatier’s possession at the time of his arrest linked him to those crimes as well.

Quatier is currently lodged at the Springfield Municipal Jail for numerous charges related to UEMV, Theft, and Criminal Trespass.