The City of Springfield is temporarily suspending our Downtown Springfield parking program activities. Our priority at this time is the health our community and allowing people to make the personal decisions necessary to maintain their health and ours.

  • Suspension of all active enforcement of on-street and surface parking areas in time-restricted and permit only locations. If you are parking within a designated ADA space, please maintain display of your ADA placards or plates at all times. All time restrictions will be temporarily waived.
  • Closure of our Park Downtown Physical Office to public walk-in support.
  • Customer support by email, online or over the phone. Should you have any questions about your parking permit during this time, where to park, temporary modifications to our program, or how to manage outstanding parking citations, please contact the parking office by:  
  • Curbside Pick-Up Parking Spaces should be maintained for curbside pickup and delivery use only. Please refrain from parking your vehicle in any of these locations, which are placed around Downtown for an extended period while we work to support our Downtown businesses. 

When it is determined that enforcement and regular services are to be resumed, the Parking Program will provide ample communication as well as a temporary window of warning issuance to ensure parkers and patrons are aware.