Streetlights in downtown Springfield look retro but are very modern. Lined throughout Downtown Springfield are about 100 street lights that harken back to a time gone by.

While they have a retro feel, they’re actually using advanced technologies.

We purchased the decorative light fixtures from the City of San Diego for $85 each then renovated them for LED lighting. The LED light source allows for lower energy consumption, longer life span, smaller size, faster switching, and less breakage. Combined, this creates a high-quality light fixture at a low cost for City staff to install and operate.

Our lights are also using a wireless roaming network to operate. The system allows us to move our wireless network from access point to access point within a defined area without losing connection. This means the lights are controlled using a Wi-Fi connection and move from one light fixture to the next.

New in 2018, we launched the Street Light Donor Program. Community members and businesses now have the opportunity to make a donation and receive a plaque that will be installed on one of the Downtown Springfield light poles. Funds from these donations will help offset the cost of maintaining and operating these beautiful lights.

Those interested in buying a plaque or multiple plaques can apply by going to Donors will have the option of choosing the location of the pole on which their plaque will be placed. A map of all Downtown lights is provided along with the application. Plaques remain in place for the lifetime of the pole.