Springfield Police Department Mediation Program

Are you having a problem with a neighbor? Are their dogs barking too loud or running at large? Are you having a boundary/fencing dispute? Does their unkempt lawn bother you to no end? Are they noisy? Do they refuse to listen or react to your complaints? Have you exhausted all of your other resources and the problem persists? We can help. The Springfield Police Department Mediation Program is a free service offered to the citizens of the city of Springfield by the Springfield Police Department. Our aim is to help you resolve your conflicts through bringing opposed parties together with a neutral third-party who will help bridge the barriers to communication and resolution plaguing your conflict.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process through which parties who are in conflict are helped to find a resolution to their conflict with the help of an impartial and unbiased third-party mediator. The mediator is not a judge or arbitrator who decides and dictates the best solution to a case, nor is the mediator a lawyer who advocates for one side or another in a conflict. Rather, a mediator works with parties to ease communication and help them generate and decide upon their own solution for their own problem.

Mediation is a process conducted by skilled, impartial mediators, who are trained in overcoming barriers to mediation. Further, mediation is confidential. It provides an arena to resolve your conflict out of the public eye.

Why Mediate?

Mediation is a fast, fair and free way to resolve conflicts that could possibly end up in the court room or with a call to the police. Further, mediation offers people with an ability to resolve their own conflicts, and come to solutions that are satisfactory to everyone, while at the same time, allowing people to preserve and strengthen their relationships with the people they are in conflict with.

When to Mediate?

If you have tried talking to the other parties involved in your conflict, and have exhausted all of your other resources to find a solution to your problem to no avail, then it may be time to mediate. Mediation can offer resolution to problems that no other resource has been capable of solving. After trying all other options at your disposal, it may be time to consider mediation.

How to Begin a Mediation?

If you are interested in mediation, please contact Kristen Prenevost of the Springfield Police Department Mediation Program by phone at 541-726-3714, or email at kprenevost@springfield-or.gov.

Request for Mediation