Canines for Clean Water

Get your Canines for Clean Water 2021 Calendar

Starting in November 2020, the 2021 Calendar will be available for free from Springfield’s Stormwater Team, while supplies last. To get your copy:

  • Check with your favorite Springfield veterinary clinic or pet supply store. In November we will be delivering stacks of calendars to these pet businesses around town. The Springfield Public Library at City Hall will also have copies available.
  • Email your name, address, and a message saying that you’d like to receive a Canines For Clean Water 2021 Calendar to the Stormwater Team at

Congratulations to these pups, selected for the 2021 Calendar!

About the 2021 Calendar Contest

Thanks to everyone who entered their adorable dogs in our contest for the 2021 Calendar! We’re thrilled to see their smiling faces. Now that our winners have been selected, we’re working away on the calendar, preparing to take new photographs and collecting great clean water tips for next year.

Every year since 2014 the City of Springfield has created this 12-month calendar to celebrate Springfield’s best friends alongside tips for keeping local waterways clean.

Perfect for we who love dogs and spend time in the great outdoors, this calendar reminds us that every day we can help make it a safer world for us, our pooches, and the wildlife around us. We do that when we “scoop the poop” because that prevents unhealthy bacteria from washing into storm drains and out to local waterways, which all lead to the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers.

The 2021 Calendar will be available for free from the City’s Stormwater Team, starting in November 2020, until supplies last.

To receive updates on the calendar and its events, either click below to “Take the Pledge” to pick up after your pet, or email If you’ve already taken the pledge, you’re already signed up to receive updates.

Take the Pledge

We’ll mail a “Canines For Clean Water” bandanna and poop-bag holder, for FREE, to those Springfield community members who sign up here, pledging to keep Springfield’s waterways clean and healthy by picking up after their pooches.

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2020 Canines for Clean Water Calendar Dogs

The lucky dogs featured in the 2020 Canines for Clean Water Calendars are pictured below.













2019 Canines for Clean Water Calendar Dogs

Here are our winners from 2019!

Bogey - January

Bogey – January

Pork Chop - FebruaryPork Chop – February Bo - MarchBo – March
Diesel - AprilDiesel – April Lucy - May
Lucy – May
Bindi - June
Bindi – June
Marge, Herman Henry & Darla - July
Marge, Herman Henry & Darla – July
Rudy - August
Rudy – August
Bruiser (Cover Dog) - September
Bruiser (Cover Dog) – September
Stevie - October
Stevie – October
Samson - November
Samson – November
Jasper - December
Jasper – December