Spring Clean Up – FAQs

Q: Will I have to unload my vehicle?

A: No, City workers volunteer their time to be on hand to unload your vehicle for you. Operations Division staff also operate equipment and assist as needed.

Q: Who can participate in Spring Clean Up?

A: City of Springfield residents who live within City limits. No businesses please! You are required to show proof of residency (a drivers license).

Q: Are there any fees to participate in Spring Clean Up?

A: No! The City of Springfield has built partnerships with local businesses and organizations to bring Springfield residents this annual event free of charge as part of our commitment to the Springfield community.

Q: When is this year’s Spring Clean Up scheduled?

A: The 2020 event has been postponed to fall 2020 due to COVID-19. When the new date has been selected we will post it here.

Q: How do I sign up to win 6 months free garbage service from Sanipac?

A: All citizens who participate in this event are automatically signed up to win and while we don’t limit the number of trips you can make, you will only be entered once. Thank you Sanipac for your generosity.

Q: How do I know what items are acceptable?

Q: Are there loads or materials you won’t accept?

A: Yes, we reserve the right to refuse oversized loads, loads in enclosed vehicles (such as moving trucks), business waste, and unacceptable materials. If your load is referred to Glenwood, you will need to unload it yourself; County staff will not unload it for you.

Items that will NOT be accepted at Spring Clean Up include: general household garbage, fluorescent lights, alkaline batteries, car parts, propane tanks, paint and household chemicals. Additionally, no oversize items such as hot tubs and boats. Please contact Lane County Household Hazardous Waste at 682-4120.

Q: Is there a pick up service?

A: Disabled residents may qualify for a special pick up service for APPLIANCES ONLY. Please contact Tony Hart at 541-525-2658 for more information. All requests must be made as soon as possible and prior to 3:00 pm on the Wednesday before the event.

Q: What if the event is held on a wet and rainy day?

A: No problem, we are prepared for all types of weather. Our volunteers unload your vehicle while you wait comfortably inside.

Q: How much stuff actually gets recycled?

A: Our goal is to keep everything out of the landfill. Volunteers from the Lane County Master Recyclers program along with community volunteers will be assisting city personnel in recycling. Last year 85% of all materials collected were either reused or recycled.