Projects Under Construction

Contracts have been awarded on the projects listed below. They are either currently under construction or are scheduled to begin construction soon. 

See our Construction Projects page for a full list of projects and traffic impacts.

Street Paving
Project Number Project Title Date Awarded Award Amount
P21114 Virginia-Daisy Phase 1A April 20, 2020 $1,137,113.31
P21157 Mohawk and Olympic Overlay October 5, 2020 $3,237,060.00
P21161 G St., 21st St. and 5th St. Crossings July 08, 2020 $196,044.00

Project Number: P21114
Project Title: Virginia-Daisy Phase 1A
Date Awarded: April 20, 2020
Award Amount: $1,137,113.31

Project Number: P21131
Project Title: Maintenance Hole Rehabilitation
Date Awarded: April 28, 2020
Award Amount: $63,000.00