Construction Projects


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The City of Springfield’s Development and Public Works Department oversees the design and construction of a variety of projects throughout the City as it works to maintain and develop the City’s infrastructure to meet the community’s ever growing needs. Major areas of responsibility include the municipal street, wastewater, and stormwater systems, as well as administering these systems as they relate to private development within the City.

To view current City of Springfield construction and maintenance projects with details, click on the map below or go to Springfield’s interactive street map.

Springfield Active Street Construction map

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To view all current construction and maintenance projects within the Eugene-Springfield area and their traffic impacts, click on the map below or go to ODOT’s TripCheck.

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2020 City street and other construction projects

GO Bond Measure Projects

  • Grind and overlay of Mohawk Boulevard – G Street to just before 105 overpass – at right of way line with ODOT
  • Grind and overlay of Olympic Street – Mohawk Boulevard to 28th Street

GO Bond Measure Projects completed in 2019 –  Read the GO Bond Measure 2019 Annual Report. Learn more about the Bond Measure here.

School Connectivity and Safety Projects

  • Installation of a Raised Pedestrian Crossing on G Street between 10th and 12th Streets in front of Two Rivers – Dos Rios Elementary School
  • Installation of a Rapid Flashing Beacon Pedestrian Crossing on 21st Street by Maple Elementary School
  • Installation of a Pedestrian Ramps at the intersection of 5th and M Streets across from Hamlin Middle School

These projects improve safety for students who are walking and biking to and from each school. The three locations were identified after a safety assessment was performed. The City received a Federal Community Development Block Grant for the crossing improvements to help ensure that pedestrians have a place to cross safely and have access within the public right of way that meets current American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Other Projects

  • Virginia-Daisy Bikeway Phase 1A – Area includes just east of the intersection of S 42nd Street and Daisy Street to just west of the intersection of S 51st Place. Phase 1A will include the following work: grind and overlay existing asphalt roadway, construct ADA ramps, sidewalks, driveways, a vegetated stormwater planter, raised crosswalks, storm water facilities, speed cushion, landscaping, signage, medians, striping, and other associated features. More information available at Virginia-Daisy Bikeway Project.
  • Maintenance Hole Repairs – Various; 15 locations in total throughout the City.

Crack Sealing – Learn more here

The Development and Public Works Department’s Operations Division crews perform crack sealing as a preventive maintenance to prolong the useful life of a street. To effectively accomplish the job all vehicles, trailers, campers, and other objects must be moved off the streets. Residents will be notified via a door hanger when their specific street will receive the treatment. Watch for crews, equipment and signs in street.

The table below shows the streets to be crack sealed in 2020.

River Glen Neighborhood Wyatt Meadows Neighborhood
(south of Virginia Ave and north of railroad tracks)
Jasper Meadows – East of Bob Straub
McKenzie Crest Drive S 41st Street S 59th Street
River Knoll Way S 41st Place S 60th Street
Royal Dell Lane S E Street S 61st Street
Blackstone Street S 41st Court Mica Street
6th Street Forsythia Street Orchid Lane
Old Orchard Lane Pebble Court
Mint Meadow Way Quartz Avenue
Walnut Ridge Drive
Harlow Road – Beverly Street to Game Farm Road
21st Street – Olympic Street to D Street
S 57th Street and S 57th Place

Other Maintenance Projects in 2020:

  • Moses Pass (west of 67th St.): Replacement of a section of base-out in street. This work will include replacement of sidewalk, curb and gutter, and repaving about a 50 ft. section of street.
  • 71st Street: Thin lift overlay to address a damaged section of the street.  The new asphalt will help water drain faster from the surface to mitigate future water damage and help keep the street smooth.