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Transportation System Plan (TSP) Implementation Project

The Transportation System Plan (TSP) Implementation Project updates the City’s development code to reflect relevant policies and actions established in the TSP, adopts the Conceptual Street Map and updates the TSP project lists and maps. The objective is to implement the Goals, Policies, and Actions adopted in the Springfield 2035 Transportation System Plan. Learn more [...]

Transportation System Plan (TSP) Implementation Project2019-12-31T06:16:48-08:00

Virginia-Daisy Project

Virginia Avenue and Daisy Street have been identified for street design changes to provide a safe and comfortable bicycle corridor that can be used by people of all ages and abilities. The corridor will provide an east-west bike network option, that will serve as an alternative to Main Street. Additionally, the project strives to enhance [...]

Virginia-Daisy Project2019-12-31T06:17:15-08:00

Main Street Safety Project

Springfield’s Main Street is consistently ranked as one of the most unsafe city streets in Oregon based on the severity and frequency of traffic crashes. The City of Springfield and the Oregon Department of Transportation have launched the Main Street Safety Project to address this safety problem. Over the next two years, we will engage our Springfield community and [...]

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Development Code Update Project

The Purpose of the Development Code Update Project is to change the Springfield Development Code to support efficient, timely, and clear development review. The updated Development Code will support Springfield’s economic development priorities and will honor Springfield’s home town feel now and in the future. Visit the project page here.  

Development Code Update Project2019-12-31T06:18:02-08:00