Incident:       Train vs Dog Incident            

Location:        S. 42nd Street @ Railroad Crossing   

Case Number: 19-8759       

Date/Time:       10-31-19 @ 2027 hrs

More Information:   Sgt. Brian Humphreys

Completed By:          Sgt. Jeff Murkin


On 10-31-19 at 2027 hrs Springfield Police received numerous calls reporting a train had suddenly stopped at the crossing on S. 42nd Street. There were several reports of people yelling and concerns someone may have been hit by the train.   When officers arrived they discovered a golden retriever dog had been hit and was critically injured. The owner of the dog was on scene and requested the dog be euthanized.   The dog owner was heavily intoxicated, made suicidal statements and was subsequently transported by CAHOOTS to the University District Hospital for a mental health evaluation.    

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the Springfield Police Department at 541-726-3714.