Incident: School Lockdown
Location: Maple Elementary School (Springfield, OR)
Case Number: 19-8776
Date/Time: 11-01-2019/ 1:15PM
More Information: Sgt. Brian Humphreys
Completed By: Sgt. Matt Neiwert                                                                  


A Springfield citizen, who lives in the area of 22nd St. and “G” St. in Springfield, discovered what appeared to be four pieces of dynamite, labeled “explosives,” on his/her property.  Eugene Police Department (EPD) personnel were summoned to safely retrieve/dispose of the items.

Due to Maple Elementary School being nearby, north of the location, as a precaution School Resource Officers from the Springfield Police Department placed the school in “lockdown” until the “explosives” were removed.  The “lockdown” was lifted immediately following EPD’s removal of the items.

There is no threat to the community and no criminal investigation being conducted.