Incident:   DUII Enforcement Activity
Location:   Springfield, OR
Date/Time:  July 10, 2019
More Information:   Lt. Russ Boring
Completed By:  Sgt. Matt Neiwert

The Springfield Police Department made nine DUII arrests during the holiday week from June 29th through July 7th.  Two DUII arrests were made during high visibility enforcement events made possible by overtime grant funding.

Our increased participation in DUII High Visibility Enforcement activities are made possible by grant funding administered by the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Impact. 

We would like to remind drivers if they are impaired by any substance, alcohol or drugs, they should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Driving while impaired is illegal.  If You Feel Different, You Drive Different.  

Springfield Police ask that if you observe a suspected impaired driver, call 911 and monitor the vehicle, assuming it is safe to do so, from a safe distance until police arrive.