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Springfield's Leaf Pickup Program

See below for 2016/2017 dates or view this year's flyer.

Fall Leaves Along Street






The Development & Public Works Department is commited to maintaining the City infrastructure, protecting property from flooding and storm damage and improving water quality in our rivers and streams.To help with these efforts the City of Springfield provides a leaf pickup service to citizens.


To help residents to take advantage of Springfield’s Leaf Pickup Program, check out this instructional video that answers frequently asked questions.


Thank you to all that pledged to properly dispose of leaves. Congratulations to Darlene R. and Russell Y. our drawing winners for the 2015/206 leaf season.


28th Street is the dividing line for pickup scheduling. Click to view map.

Area of Town: First Round begins: Second Round begins:

West of 28th St

Week of November 28, 2016

Week of January 2, 2017

East of 28th St Week of December 5, 2016 Week of January 9, 2017
Mulch or Compost to help your garden grow!


Add leaves to your compost pile.  Leaves and other high carbon material should make up ¾ of your compost pile or shred them for mulch to protect plants from winter frost.

Use your yard debris container!


If you have a grey yard debris container from Sanipac, place your leaves in your container and set out your container on the scheduled day for yard debris. Sanipac will then pick them up and recycle them for you.


Or rake and bag them up for curbside pickup! 

City crews have wrapped up bagged leaf collection, and residents are responsible for removing and disposing of all leaves and debris not picked up by the City. If you still have leaves that you cannot use on your property, we recommend sharing with neighbors and friends or contacting one of the local commercial resource recyclers for disposal options. This will reduce the problems that leaves and other debris often cause our streets, stormwater systems and open waterways when the wind and rain come to town.

192 tons were collected in 2013 and recycled for use as mulch and compost, in addition to the hundreds of additional tons picked up by city street sweepers.



Your patience is appreciated, when weather conditions and the volume of leaf bags resulted in us running behind schedule. We made every effort to get to your neighborhood during your scheduled week.   

If you live in Springfield (within the city limits) at no time may grass, branches, limbs, or other debris be deposited in the street or the right-of-way. Please follow the specific guidelines for where you live.

  • PLEASE DO NOT BLOW YOUR LEAVES INTO THE STREET. Per Springfield City code, it is illegal to place debris in the right-of-way (City Code violation 5.272).

  • Sanipac is contracted to pickup, haul and recycle BAGGED LEAVES for residents within the City limits.

  • Please place leaves in medium sized garbage bags (bags are to contain ONLY LEAVES).

  • Place the bags at the curbside, NOT IN THE STREET before 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled week.

The benefits of the City's Policy:

Our program promotes public safety
by keeping leaves out of bike lanes, streets and sidewalks. Large piles can also be considered a nuisance by City Code. Piles of leaves on the side of the road can be very hazardous, examples include:

  • Vehicles may swerve out of their lane to avoid piles of leaves.

  • Dangerous items may be covered up inside piles (large rocks, bicycles, etc.)

  • Attractive nuisance for children to play in.

  • Forces bicycle commuters into the travel lane of vehicles.


We appreciate everyone's ongoing participation in this annual event. Thank you!


Questions about leaf pickup in Springfield?


Contact us at: leafpickupprogram@springfield-or.gov


Call (541) 726-3761 or

(541) 726-3637


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City of Springfield, Oregon