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Comprehensive Planning coordinates Springfield’s local community planning and development activity within Oregon’sstatewide planning framework to ensure the highest possible level of livability.  Oregon law requires all cities to adopt Comprehensive Plans and to coordinate their public actions to be consistent with the adopted plan.  Plans are based on 20-year population projections and must comply with a set of Statewide Planning Goals intended to guide the use of land to:

  • Provide a healthy environment
  • Sustain a prosperous economy
  • Ensure a desirable quality of life
  • Equitably allocate the benefits and burdens of land use planning

Springfield’s Comprehensive Plan is the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan).  The Metro Plan Diagram shows the general locations of land use districts, such as residential, commercial, industrial areas and parks. Please note that this diagram was adopted in 2004 by the elected officials of Springfield, Eugene and Lane County to replace the previous Plan diagram jointly adopted in 1986.  While there have been a number of diagram amendments approved and acknowledged in the years since 2004, the three jurisdictions have not yet undertaken a joint action to adopt a new, replacement diagram. Please contact the planning staff of the appropriate jurisdiction if you have questions about the current plan designation of property within the boundaries of the Metro Plan.

Springfield and Eugene each provide more specific plan designations and land development policies through their respective Neighborhood Refinement Plans

Since the passage of a 2007 Oregon legislative action, Springfield is developing a city-wide refinement plan called the Springfield 2030 Refinement Plan that will guide growth and development for the Metro area east of Interstate 5 through the 2010-2030 planning period.  Updates to the Downtown Refinement Plan, Glenwood Refinement Plan and Visioning for Main Street refinement plan updates are also underway.

Q:  I already know how my land is zoned.  Why do I also need to know the Comprehensive Plan Designation? 

A:  The Comprehensive Plan may have policies that address future changes of land use, e.g. zone changes and land uses.  Always check with City of Springfield Planning staff who will assist you to determine which plans apply to your property. 

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