Incident: Disorderly Conduct
Location: Granada Park – Springfield
Case Number:  19-4537
Date/Time:     06-10-19/ 1946
More Information:   Sgt. Brian Humphreys
Completed By:          Sgt. Jeff Murkin


  1. Mullens, Michael William -18 years old – Disorderly Conduct/ Theft 3  Lodged Springfield Jail
  2. Ordway, Lyle Allen- 18 years old – Disorderly Conduct/ Theft 3  Lodged Springfield Jail
  3. Male 15 years-Disorderly Conduct, Resisting arrest & Juvenile warrant for assault  Lodged Serbu Juvenile Detention Facility
  4. Female 14 Yrs – Disorderly Conduct/ MIP   -Lodged Serbu
  5. Female 13 YRS – Disorderly Conduct/ MIP- Released to Parent
  6. Male 12 Yrs – Disorderly Conduct/ MIP – Lodged Serbu
  7. Male 15 Yrs – Disorderly Conduct/ MIP – Lodged Serbu
  8. Female 15 Yrs – Disorderly Conduct/ MIP / Runaway – Lodged Serbu
  9. Male 11 YRS – Burgalry 2, Criminal Mischief 3, Disorderly Conduct, MIP – Released to parent

    NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT: On 06-10-19 at 1946 hrs the Springfield Police received a report of shots fired at the Granada Park in the Gateway area of Springfield.   An area resident reported a group of 15-20 juveniles in the park drinking alcohol. One had a gun and the caller heard two shots being fired.   As officers were responding the caller advised the male had shot at people in the area. The male then placed the gun in his waist band.  Officers arrived and the male with the gun was contacted as he was walking out of the park. He initially was compliant with directions but then began resisting the officer’s attempts to take him into custody.   During the struggle a handgun fell out of the juvenile’s waistband.   The juvenile was taken into custody. The gun turned out to be an airsoft gun that looked identical to a Glock semi auto handgun (see attached pictures).Numerous area residents have complained about this group of juveniles and their behavior at the park and in the Gateway area in the recent months. It was determined in today’s incident there was probable cause to take 6 juveniles into custody for disorderly conduct.   Another juvenile was taken into custody for MIP alcohol and later released to a parent. An 11 year old was taken into custody for burglary, criminal mischief on an unrelated case, and for disorderly conduct and MIP in today’s incident.   Two 18 year old males were taken into custody for disorderly conduct and a theft of beer from a local business the day before.  Five of the juveniles have been taken into custody yesterday and lodged at Serbu for theft of beer. All five had already been released by Serbu by the time this incident occurred today.   Several of the same juveniles had been taken into custody on numerous other criminal cases in the past and lodged at Serbu. This group of juveniles frequent the Gateway area of Springfield.           Anyone who may have witnessed the incident today, or who may have information regarding this case, or other criminal matters involving this group, is asked to contact the Springfield Police Department at 541-726-3714.

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