Public Works Development and Public Works Department

Development and Public Works Department staff designs, operates, and maintains the city-owned facilities and equipment.  The staff’s major areas of responsibility include streets, street lights and signals, sewers, storm drainage and public buildings.  The staff administers environmental protection services for sewer and stormwater service within the city, provides professional and technical support to other city departments, and manages franchises granted by the city.

The Department operates in five divisions, plus an administrative section.

  • Environmental Services Division: Provides planning and technical assistance to ensure compliance with water quality standards and other environmental regulations and provides administrative services and capital improvement design and construction for the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC).
  • Engineering and Transportation Division: Plans, designs, constructs, administers, and inspects the construction of Public Works facilities. Also prepares long-range plans of the transportation network and maintains traffic signal operations and timing. The division also administers the City's municipal sanitary sewer, stormwater, and transportation systems as they relate to private development. 




Effective December 3, 2012

Springfield recently updated the Glenwood Refinement Plan policies and objectives to provide for a new vision of the Glenwood Riverfront. The primary objective with the 2012 updates to Springfield's Engineering Design Standards and Procedures Manual is incorporating several new design standards necessary to implement the new vision. In addition, numerous other updates have been made that address current practice and other needs.

Updates were adopted in the following Chapters of the Manual:

  • Chapter 1 – Streets and Sidewalks
  • Chapter 3 – Stormwater Quality
  • Chapter 4 - Stormwater Capacity
  • Chapter 5 - Traffic Standards
  • Chapter 6 – Landscape Vegetation
  • Chapter 8 – Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Design
  • Chapter 13 – City Contract Projects

A summary of the significant changes adopted in each Chapter can be viewed at the link below. 



The individual updated Chapters can be viewed at the link below. 



  • Operations Division: Sweeps and patches streets, cleans storm and sanitary sewer systems, and maintains landscaping features, such as street trees, on public property. Also responds to emergency events which adversely affect the City’s street, storm drainage, or sanitary sewer systems.



Want to do business with Development and Public Works?

We put together a guide to help businesses provide goods and services to the Development and Public Works Department. We value our relationship with the business community and make every effort to encourage and promote fair, ethical, and legal trade practices. Please download the guide and fact sheet (in English and Spanish) using the links below.

How to do Business with Development and Public Works, Vendor Guide
Como Hacer Negocios con el Departemento de Obras Publicas, Guia del Proveedor
Vendor Guide Fact Sheet
Guia del Proveedor Ficha Resumen



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