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Downtown Lighting

Lined throughout Downtown Springfield are about 100 street lights that harken back to a time gone by. While they have a retro feel, they’re actually using advanced technologies. We purchased the decorative light fixtures from the City of San Diego for $85 each then renovated them for LED lighting. The LED light source allows for lower energy consumption, longer life span, smaller size, faster switching, and less breakage. Combined, this creates a high-quality light fixture at a [...]

December 10, 2018|

Glenwood Growth

Many may notice redevelopment budding in Glenwood. This didn’t happen overnight and it’s not happenstance. The Glenwood area of Springfield made headlines in 2018 as a major project was completed and a new land purchase marked a significant milestone in advancing the community’s vision for Glenwood. In May 2018, work on the New Franklin Boulevard Phase 1 project finished, several months ahead of schedule. The new boulevard improves safe transportation options such as bicycling, walking, [...]

December 10, 2018|
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